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Top 100 Innovator

We have been voted as one of the Top 100 most innovative companies in Germany.

ddm hopt+schuler

Thanks to our idea- and innovation management,our progressive processes and organization which shape our daily work,we were able to convince the jury for this award.We are now a member in the “Club of Excellence” of the German innovative elite. Thank you!

Creativity +

Our price-awarded innovation management, our processes and organization are our basis to work with technology in a creative way and design innovative products and systems.

Shopfloor Management
Shopfloor Management

We live “Lean Leadership”

Our leadership concept generates a fast flow of information for a smooth synchronization of our production and the responsible departments.

Switch 580
Switch 580

Elegance at the oven

The intelligent encoder series with integrated Touch-Sense function.

Switch 530
Switch 530

Small but mighty

The smallest incremental encoder of the world redefines the Human Machine Interface: Intuitive turn and push function with 72 positions in a space of just 7x7 mm.

840 secured chip card reader
840 secured chip card reader

Transactions in the smallest space

Mobile payment application (mPOS) for fastest payment and highest safety with a 150/150 μ pitch.

Ticketmodul 920
Ticketmodul 920

Transport and codescan in one

The new transport module 920 also decodes 1D and 2D barcodes in addition to the RFID standard.

Future Lab
Future Lab

The space for your best ideas

Our future lab allows to think about technology in a creative way, develop prototypes together – for the future of your products.

Have a look at all of our products.

177 Creative technologists

Creative Technologists
„Am besten ist es, wenn es unmöglich ist, dann kriegen wir das hin.“
AAaron Baur + Alina-Maria Gaurean + Andrea Schwägler + Andrea Sciascia + Andreas Meyer + Aneliya Stoeva + Angela D'Amico + Annette Morlock + Anthoula Deltsidou + Antonio Sciascia + Armin Loeck + Axel Laufer + BBeata Iwona Duszynska + Benjamin Rieble + Brigitte Fischer + CCedric Kenmogne + Christian Mattes + Claudia Müller + Claudia Schreck + Csilla Stajkic
„Hardware, Software, Mechanik und Elektronik - Design, Vorentwicklung, Konstruktion und Produktion gehen bei uns Hand in Hand – schon cool!“
DDaniela Daus + Diana Lenhardt + Diana Noder + Dirk Fehr + EElena Michi + Elena Reiser + Erik Litvinov + Eugenia Rusu + Evelyn Eichinger + Evelyn Wizemann + FFelix Daute + Feriz Ademaj
„Die Vernetzung, die kurzen Wege, das schnelle direkte, das sind wir.“
GGeorg Bippus + Gisela Keller + HHans-Joachim Heinzmann + Hans-Jürgen Schlesiger + Hatice Atici + Heike Roser + Hendrik Bechtold + Hongkun Li + IImmacolata Schönewolf + Immacolata Tagliaferri + Ina Benzing + Ingrid Ruzin + Irene Hieb + Irina Jawgeldin + Irina Kaiser
„Hundert Prozent ehrliche Arbeit ohne politische Spielereien.“
JJakob Spät + Jan Steinmann + Janina Aust + Janni Sarantidis + Jennifer Bretthauer + Jens Bettermann + Jessica Nemeth + Jochen Walenta + Josef Kanzler + Juliane Pollack + Jutta Digeser + Jutta Lisso + KKarl-Rudolf Hopt + Karolina Wilzynksa + Klara Schröder + LLaura D'Amico + Loredana Mato + Lothar Wahl + Lydia Kuzmin
„Wir stehen nie auf der Stelle, es gibt immer, immer ein neues Innovationsprojekt.“
MMagdalena Kolodynska + Malgorzata Jaskiewicz + Manuel Schubnell + Marcel Rahyr + Marc-Kevin Pötzsch + Maritza Bustamante + Marius Müller + Marko Pranjic + Marlies Meier + Marta Deiana + Martin Schweizer + Martina Seemann + Maximilian Keller + Melanie Weigelt + Michael Neininger + Michael Storz + Michelle Emer + Mike Franzmann + Miriam Zimmermann + NNadja Zubov + Nicusor-Miháitá Rusu + Nina Müller + Nina Simon + OOlga Eisener + Olga Beierbach + Olga Neustroev
„Für mich sind wir von ddm hopt+schuler schnelle Entwicklung und immer neue Innovationen.“
PPasquale Pacella + Peter Bliestle + Peter Miller + Philipp Kleiter + Pia Lüthy + RRoland Huber + Roland Ispanovity + Roman Eminow + Roman Halasa + Rosa Cariola + Roswitha Müller
„Für mich ist es das Team – wirklich immer an erster Stelle.“
SSabine Elter + Sarvina Scibetta + Sascha Rullo + Saskia Hornung + Sawas Anastasiadis + Sebastian Nalecz + Sebastian Vees + Silvio Babic + Snezana Preugschat + Sonja Bucher + Stefan Martin + Stefan Ordowski + Stefan Probst + Stefanie Schnekenburger + Stephan Plescher + Suhila Mattaa + Susann Schneider + TTheodoros Deretzis + Thomas Hübner-Jordan + Thomas Williard + Timo Beck + Tobias Kopf + UUlrika Bühl + Ulrike Klarer + Ute Pustlauck
„Jeder schaut hier über den Tellerrand hinaus und achtet nicht nur auf seins.“
VValentina Haurich + Vasiliki Tsionani + Viktor Bauer + W   Waldemar Ebauer + Walter Levin + Wolfgang Kanz + Wolfgang Rapp + ZZvezdanka Vanova

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